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Business Counseling + Transactions

Chapman Spingola’s Business Counseling and Transactions practice includes a full range of services for entrepreneurs, emerging ventures, growth companies, and established corporations. We focus on the following core services required by business and individual clients.

Commercial Legal Services

We can take care of your day-to-day in-house legal needs, ranging from corporate structuring and financings to dealing with ongoing commercial contracts and employment issues, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We routinely handle matters involving:

  • Corporate governance;
  • Venture capital, equity, and debt financings;
  • Distribution models, including licensing, OEM, and VAR arrangements, development and manufacturing agreements, and other similar agreements related to direct and indirect product development, selling, and distribution;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Strategic transactions;
  • Employment matters generally, including hiring, retention, and termination; and
  • Ordinary course contracting.

Support for current in-house counsel

For existing in-house counsel or departments, we serve as an excellent alternative to hiring an additional, full-time counsel or outsourcing overflow commercial work that optimally would be handled by an experienced in-house counsel capable of working independently.

Management of special projects

When your company is involved in an intricate project such as a complex financing, merger, acquisition, litigation, or patent prosecution, we can manage the “legal project” as your de facto general counsel, including sourcing and coordinating with the optimal outside counsel as appropriate. This removes the supervisory resource drain on your management team and also makes the overall project more efficient and cost-effective by internalizing much of the work and knowledge at our more favorable rate structure.

We can be your outside general counsel

At the heart of our business counseling practice is our outside general counsel (OGC) services program. We offer a simple, cost-effective solution to our clients who do not have in-house lawyers and to law departments seeking additional support. Like good in-house counsel, we work with each client to understand its business model and industry in order to provide customized service targeting each client’s unique needs and available resources. Our OGC practice couples an efficient, readily-accessible, single point of contact for your legal issues with the affordability of a flexible arrangement based on your real needs. We offer a variety of pricing options for OGC services, custom-tailored to meet your company’s particular objectives.

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