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Intellectual Property Litigation

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We are dedicated to winning. Our team of experienced trial lawyers is eager and ready to convince judges, juries, and arbitrators that our clients are right. We are proud to offer a level of know-how and experience that rivals the largest firms — combined with the accessibility, nimbleness, and efficiency that characterize a legal boutique.

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We know litigation is the means - Client Success is the end

At Chapman Spingola, we practice law from the perspective of the client.  We understand that litigation is a means to an end — that end being the satisfactory resolution of an important business issue. We are committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients whether that means taking a complex case to trial, resolving a matter by settlement, providing thoughtful and insightful business advice, or negotiating a financial resolution.

Our reputation helps us to achieve great results and serves our clients well in the settlement of their disputes.  Other lawyers view us as fair — yet aggressive, tough-minded, and formidable advocates.  We will be a good ambassador for you in all of our dealings with third parties, regardless of whether they are adversaries, customers, or potential business partners.

We know that our clients hire us to achieve the best result possible at a fair cost. We prepare budgets that show our clients what we intend to do and how much we expect it to cost. Our bills detail the services we perform, when we perform them, and how long they take. We hear our clients when they tell us they want the maximum benefit from the money they spend in litigation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service our clients receive from the money they spend.

We tell it to you straight

We know that clients want us to evaluate the likely outcome of litigation in a responsible and dependable manner and to communicate that evaluation promptly and clearly.  Based on our knowledge of a client’s business and goals, we put in plain words what can be achieved and we work tirelessly to achieve it.   We are candid about the merits of client claims and the risks associated with a particular course of action.  We do not create unrealistic expectations. We give straight answers and anticipate problems before they become costly. Our clients know that we will recommend litigation only if it is in their best interests.  When litigation is necessary, we are forceful advocates who defend our clients’ interests vigorously and persuasively.

We know IP litigation

Your business interest is our first priority in every intellectual property lawsuit. Whether your competitors are infringing on your intellectual property or attempting to prevent you from conducting business, Chapman Spingola can help. Our record of success in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and trade dress litigation is extensive and notable. Our plaintiff clients have enjoyed settlements and judgments totaling many millions of dollars — while defendant clients have saved hundreds of millions.

If your IP is being infringed, you need to prevent adversaries from cutting into your profits and infringing on your rights. We file infringement suits (often on an expedited basis) and use our experience to stop the infringing conduct and recover monetary damages for our clients.

If you find it necessary to battle claims that your products are infringing on another party’s IP, we can defend you against infringement allegations and use our experience to invalidate the asserted IP, prove non-infringement, minimize any liabilities, and/or negotiate a favorable settlement so your business may proceed.

IP Prosecution

You have a right to your intellectual property. Chapman Spingola recognizes the value of your ideas; we think it’s of the utmost importance that those ideas are protected by one or more of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and trade dress. We have substantial experience prosecuting IP before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office, including preparing applications, responding to office actions, and handling oppositions.

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